about me hey im hailey. she her sasian- north indian unlabeled 15 est infp-j. eng + gujarati + hindi is ok i luv ❥ diluc ♡ reading anime kdramas poetry art dinosaurs chanyeol freckles

notes ( 1.) pls tw/cw 9/11 events and bugs (2.) i don't condone anything my faves have done and hold them accountable (3.) this site is a rm of ioihobilinks media acc pinterest tumblr

dnfi basic criteria, use fonts, stan 1d/or liam payne, only talk about larry, defend lucas/ot23, ot9 stay, 4th gen bg multi that throws skz under the bus (obvious ones do not apply if i ff).

byf solo louie, ot22 nctzen, ot8 stay, call stans gay as a joke, ok with kys jokes and i use them, i curse often use gifs, i get into ratios to defend my faves and whenever, i dont really like harry styles but idc if you stan him. idc abt drama you have with oomfs & vice versa- i wont unfollow bc of it. dm me if i did something or if you need anything

ultsnct stray kids aespakpop shinee- minho, exo- suho chanyeol, stayc-sumin j, p1harmony- jisung soul, ravi western: louis tomlinson

fav actors kim seonho kim jaeyoung, kim mingue, ahn hyoseop shows heaven official's blessing, attack on titan, maid sama, hometown cha cha cha, death note, demon slayer, saiki kcurrently watching Extraordinary Attorney Woo not spoiler free sorry