Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart
solo louie, ot22 nctzen, call stans gay as a joke, ok with kys jokes and i use them, i talk abt my faves in pairs but not shipping them, i don't really care about ships but will ratio obsessive shippers

basic criteria, use fonts, anti any of my stans, ot5/stan 1d/or liam payne, only talk about larry, defend lucas/ot23, stan kwj, jae park, tomlinson sisters, no stunts larrie - none apply if i follow first
nct-ot22, skz-ot8, & aespa-ot4

louis tomlinson

baekhyun, zayn, p1harmony

127: Yuta, Doyoung, Taeyong Dream: Jaemin Chenle WayV: Xiaojun Skz: Han Aespa: Ningning